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Spanish for School Teachers

Spanish for School Teachers

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In recent years there has been an amazing increase in inrollment of Spanish-speaking students in our public and private schools. Teachers who have routine or periodic interactions with Spanish-speaking children will be helped greatly by Spanish for School Teachers. Topics include: courtesy phrases, communication strategies, numbers, the Spanish alphabet, classroom management phrases, general instructional management phrases, and much more.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to utilize Spanish in order to do the following:

Greet and receive students and parents
Employ basic social and courtesy phrases
Use communication strategies to negotiate a mutual level of understanding
Express and recognize numbers 0-1000
Identify yourself and what you teach to students
Manage the classroom
Provide basic instructions
Compliment work and behavior
Monitor playground and cafeteria behavior
Perform school bus duty

You will also gain a basic understanding of various differences between U.S. and Latino cultures  that are important to know in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

The course “Spanish for School Teachers” has been approved by the Texas Education Agency, TEA, and  it counts toward satisfying the Texas CPE requirements. 27 hours. CPE Provider Number: #501749.

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