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Spanish for Respiratory Therapists

Spanish for Respiratory Therapists

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This program is designed for respiratory therapists who work in a hospital and need to break the language barrier in order to better care for Spanish-speaking patients. Spanish for Respiratory Therapists will allow respiratory therapists to use Spanish successfully to perform routine duties. Topics include: greetings, communication strategies, identifications and introductions, procedure discussions, body positioning, basic respiratory commands, breathing treatments, diagnostic questions, and much more.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to utilize Spanish in order to do the following:

identify patients;
introduce oneself;
employ courtesy phrases;
explain and administer breathing treatments;
request body positioning;
explain and administer incentive exercises;
explain and administer chest physio therapy;
encourage the patient’s involvement and response;
ask basic diagnostic questions.

You will also gain a basic understanding of various differences between U.S and Latino cultures that are important to know in order avoid possible misunderstandings.

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