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Spanish for Medical Office Nurses

Spanish for Medical Office Nurses

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Nurses who work in medical clinics and doctor’s offices that serve Spanish-speaking patients will find that our online program, Spanish for Medical Office Nurses will assist them greatly in dealing with those patients. Topics include: patient room traffic, intake instructions and taking vitals, assisting the physician in examinations, explaining diagnoses and follow-up instructions, and collecting blood and urine samples.



Upon completion of this course, you will be able to utilize Spanish in order to do the following:

Greet patients and employ basic social and courtesy phrases

Use communication strategies to negotiate a mutual level of understanding

Express and recognize numbers 0-999

Control patient traffic among rooms

Provide intake instructions and take vitals

Assist the physician with all phases of exams

Conduct blood draws

Collect urine specimens

Explain follow-up treatment

Conduct routine treatment procedures

Explain and administer medicines and injections

Conduct patient dismissal

You will also gain a basic understanding of various differences between U.S. and Latino cultures that are important to know in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Approximate Time for Course Completion:  30 hours (course remains active for 120 days)


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