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Spanish for First Responders

Spanish for First Responders

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 This program is designed to teach non-Spanish-speaking First Responders to use Spanish language commands and phrases that will enable them to assist Spanish-speaking persons in emergencies. Emphasis is placed on concise Spanish to assess the nature of the emergency, determine the patient’s chief complaint, nature of injury or illness, aid in movement or extraction of the involved person, as well as explain basic procedures and treatment.

 Upon completion, participants will be able to use Spanish to do some or all of the This program is intended for First Responders, paramedics, EMTs, uniformed



following: render immediate emergency aid; engage in triage protocol; make initial physical

assessment of patient; issue phrases and commands for controlling scene; obtain pertinent

information; calm victims and their families; explain treatment performed by EMT; determine

patient’s chief complaint; facilitate transport of injured person; pronounce key Spanish phrases

clearly and correctly.


Intended Audience:

patrol officers, rescue squads, firefighters, air medical pilots, and nurses. It conforms to the

requirements of the First Responder: National Standard Curriculum.

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