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Community Spanish - BOOK

Community Spanish - BOOK

Product #: 1-888467-35-5

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Community Spanish: A Survival Guide for English Speakers -

95 page manual with 2 CDs.

ISBN: 1-888467-35-5.

This program is a non-academic, non-grammar based manual designed for persons who want an easy and quick way to learn limited amounts of everyday Spanish.

This manual is divided into three components: Speaking in Spanish; Listening in Spanish; and Cross-Cultural Issues. Speaking in Spanish: This component will teach the participant how to "say" practical, common phrases and questions in Spanish. In addition to an introductory section that deals with how to pronounce Spanish, there are 16 different language menus covering a wide variety of Spanish phrases, expressions and questions for use in everyday interactions. Each language menu is divided into three columns: English, Spanish, and phonetic encoding. Listening in Spanish: This component will teach the participant how to comprehend many basic and common expressions and phrases used in everyday Spanish. These language menus correspond in content and sequence with the language menus in the "Speaking in Spanish" component. Cross-Cultural Issues: This component deals with some of the most fundamental and generic, non-nationality-specific aspects of Latino culture that may be misunderstood by non-Latinos. Included are such topics as the Latino family structure, Latino demographics, and the Latino surname system.

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